May 23, 2017

Safety & Environment


Safety plays a key role within Boyne Waste Services. All personnel are fully trained and equipped with the appropriate protective equipment (PPE), gloves, waders, harness, hard hats, etc. Each Team is trained to secure the worksite to ensure that the public is fully protected. All works within confined space requirements are carried out with proper ventilation to protect the staff. Boyne Waste traffic management is carried out to chapter 8 standard.


The environment is a precious, finite resource that belongs to all of us. We have a duty to ensure that all waste is properly disposed of in an ethically and environmentally safe manner. Waste Disposal through Boyne Waste Services complies with all statutory regulations, holding all necessary EPA permits for all waste movement and disposal. Boyne Waste holds permits to carry sludge, i.e. is entitled to operate on a nationwide basis. This includes liquid sludge and waste oils.

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